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Marine Cleanup Initiative, Inc.

The activist is not the [person] who says the river is dirty. The activist is the [person] who cleans up the river.  ~Ross Perot

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Underwater debris is unsightly when it can be seen from the water's surface and it can be downright deadly when it is hidden below the surface. Debris is a nuisance and a hazard to boat owners, anglers, swimmers, skiers, and other water enthusiasts.

If you live on the water, MCII will free your dock and seawall area of debris for a minimum donation of $500, which will go toward future waterway cleanup efforts.

If you would like to free your "backyard" of unsightly and potentially hazardous debris, contact Captain Don.

Let Us Clean Up Your Backyard

300,000 pounds of debris removed to date - and that was only while we were counting!

Derelict Vessel/Derelict Crabtrap Removal
If you spot derelict crab traps and/or abandoned vessels, email GPS coordinates to Captain Don for removal.
Out of Sight Doesn't Make it Right!
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Ferdi Rizkiyanto
BECOME... an eco-adventurist with a purpose!

Marine Cleanup Initiative Inc. (MCII), in conjuction with Fort Pierce Authentic Tours (FPAT) and ecology-minded businesses throughout St. Lucie County, have banded together in an effort to offer tourists and locals alike the opportunity to engage in meaningful, fullfilling, and unique eco-friendly and educational adventures, vacations, and outings.

Whether you are planning your next vacation, weekend getaway or family outing, with eco-adventure destinations from Fort Pierce to the Florida Keys, there is something new and exciting to learn, see, and do every step of the way. (Learn more)
Why choose us? Because we are passionate about raising awareness of the need to protect the natural resources and diverse habitats and wildlife found throughout Florida. We feel there is no better way to do this than by offering average people hands-on experiences in enjoying and saving some of our most threatened treasures.
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Out of Sight Doesn't Make it Right!

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